Garden Candy

Our big excursion today was a visit to our favorite local garden center (Siebenthaler, same people as the Fen).  It’s like crack for me; we have to exercise extreme restraint, since we’ll be moving, and have to conserve funds.  I love wandering through the green houses; I feel completely at home.  I guess I really miss my old hort job, and talking shop.  I have to make myself not start weeding and cleaning.  Somehow we managed to get out of there with not too many more plants than were on our list.  I “finished” (gardener euphemism for work-in-progress) installing perennials and annuals in our ornamental front bed, and mulched it.  I made E a hanging fuchsia basket for the porch.  I bought some additional herbs to supplement those that hadn’t done well in our toxic soil, and refilled the empty windowsills.  I planted the last of my veggie seeds in pots outside.  Please feel free to admire some sample scenes:

Picture0509161445_2 Picture0509161445_1 Picture0509161447_1 Picture0509161445_3 Picture0509161445_4 Picture0509161445_5 Picture0509161445_7 Picture0509161445_6

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