L42’s Garden Journal

Today it was cold and drizzly, a perfect gardening day for me!

First, I banished the deceptively pretty but evil invasive garlic mustard bushes, white flowers and all, from my front bed.  Synchronicitously, some landscaper neighbors who were just driving by complimented my garden, and gave me a peony plant from a job they were doing!  E loves peonies!  And I had just created the perfect space for it!  Things like that are always happening.

Around the peony, I planted some dark opal basil seeds, and in the other vacated space behind it, I planted a row of bronze fennel seeds, to act as an ornamental backdrop as well as a culinary herb.

I transplanted some arugula and older greens from the “salad bed” to the shade side of the house (where I had also transplanted all the mints), to make room for some French shallot sets and some Asian long lavender eggplant seeds.  Space is at a premium here at our tiny temporary abode, so I have to be resourceful and efficient.

Finally, I potted some remaining seeds I had left of Hidcote blue lavender, angelica, cumin, white sage, and lemon balm, to join my cilantro and oregano on windowsills.  The rest are outside, along with St. John’s Wort.

I don’t expect anyone but myself to get excited about (or even bother reading) this garden homily, but it keeps me occupied and out of trouble(?).

“NOW SEEDS, START GROWING!”  [Arnold Lobel, Frog and Toad Together.]


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