Creekside Reserve

Today, thanks to a friend, we discovered a new (to us) park.  Typical of this region of Ohio, Creekside Reserve combines prairie with wetlands, as these photos will demonstrate.  There were mallard ducks and other critters in the creek, and fields of prairie wildflowers.  An old railroad used to run through here a long time ago.  Unfortunately, they got rid of a lot of the railways around here.   Now there are trails, and a paved bike path.  It’s nice to see an example of intentional habitat restoration here, instead of the usual quarrying, dumping, and development.

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On the way home, we stopped for a pizza, and I tried a Yellow Springs Ohio “Of the Dark” rye whiskey barrel-aged Belgian dark strong ale with hints of maple and coconut, 11.6 ABV!  I mean, OMG, who needs pizza, anyway?  This brew was a hearty meal in itself.  Perfect for a cool, rainy day.    One thing I’ll say for Ohio, they have some decent microbreweries, and impressive craft beer menus in your average restaurant.  (But don’t expect drinkable coffee.  It’s all insipid brown water, probably piped in from the polluted waterways.)

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