Fantasy Feline Females

I don’t keep a dream journal, but if I did, it would read like a dark, demented, surreal Hieronymus Bosch-scape.  Most of my dreams are horrific nightmares, but just to be different, last night I had one that was actually pretty cool.  (You had to have been there.)

Women were transitioning into Cat-Women.  And I don’t mean actual cats, or were-cats, or superheroes.  They were transforming mentally and emotionally into feline beings.  They still looked human, but had the mind and instincts of cats.  Their moves and reflexes were sensual.  Think ancient Egyptian cat goddess combining enhanced intelligence with wild animal instincts.  Think Queen of the Damned, only catlike, not vampire.  An entity totally changed, no longer human except in appearance.

In my dream, one cat woman had already completely crossed over, and was reveling in her newfound heightened senses.  There was music playing, and she found she could dance more catlike than human.  The other was still in transition, in physical and emotional distress, to the point of bleeding.  There was an animal attraction between them.  They were drawn to each other in a very primal, but not bestial, way.  It was more of a fierce protective, empathetic relationship.  It was as if humans no longer existed for them, in their new powerful world.  It was such a fascinating dream that I recalled it vividly.

Disclaimer:  This dream has nothing to do with real life!  Don’t even go there!  It’s just my demented brain on steroids.  It’s why I generally don’t share my dreams.  Too weird.  It would make a pretty cool, not very original fantasy novel, if I could write.  Lesbian CatWomen Go Medieval, or some such thing.  It’s probably been done, though.  I can’t be the only sick mind.  This is why sleeping is overrated.



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