Primal Bread

E has definitely established herself as the bread maven of the family.  We think it must be some primal ancestral spirit-thing!  She just gets it in her head to try some ethnic bread she’s never even heard of before, and gets it right the first time.  I mean nails it.  And not just simple recipes that anyone could do, but challenging traditional recipes that people grow up learning, like challah, native American fry bread (she does have some vague childhood memories of that, but not details), and today’s marvel—Indian puris.  And without the specialized tools or ingredients, she fakes it.  She didn’t have atta, so just used regular whole wheat flour, which she could tell made a difference in the texture.  It’s like she has a bread sixth sense, for someone who grew up not only without recipes or exposure to cooking, but without food.  Pretty impressive for a first try.  (It tastes good, too.)  Here’s some evidence:

Picture0409161240_2 Picture0409161240_1 Picture0409161241_1 Picture0409161243_1 Picture0409161253_1

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