Erev and Chilling

Literally, chilling—it’s freezing out, with icy stuff coming down, but inside we’re warm and cooking.  Today I made our first homegrown mixed micro-greens and cilantro salad of the season.  I added tomatoes, toasty chickpeas, and onions, middle-eastern style.  I also made herby dijon-wine Mediterranean turkey, and roasted potatoes, Cajun-spiced.  Of course E’s famous home-baked challah.  And for dessert,  middle-eastern-style tapioca custard with coconut, sultanas, cashews, almond, cardamon, rosewater, and honey.   I know, weird and eclectic, like me.  L’chaim!


Picture0408160955_1 Picture0408161247_1Picture0408161341_2


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