Erev Back Online

I’m still fiddling around with my new OS X Photos app, so bear with me.  The edit tools are cooler, but finding the most efficient way to get the edits to WP is still a work in progress.  So I apologize for the poor quality of these scenes from the home front.

Speaking of which, what am I doing online?  Back to the kitchen with me!  Knowing me, I’ll be back here soon, playing with my new OS.  I’m thinking of giving her a name.  How does Elektra sound?  Too dorky?  I’m taking submissions, as long as they’re appropriate, i.e., female and cool like me.  😉

We wish y’all a peaceful day and evening.  TTYS.


Picture0401161128_4 Picture0401161128_3 Picture0401161128_1Picture0401161128_2

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