And…We’re Back

Well.  That was unsettling.  My mac is back with a new solid state drive/OS.  I haven’t determined whether it’s a whole new personality yet.  I’ll say one thing– I’ll never take it for granted again.

I can’t even…it was like detox.  Cold turkey.  I panicked.  I went through the stages of grief or whatever.  It was not fun–for anyone.  But after a week of disconnection, I realized how computer-dependent I was, and what it means to me.

I may be an old retired lo-tech dumbie, but my computer literally is my lifeline.  It keeps me connected to the people and things that mean the most to me, while isolated out here in the midwest, as it did in the “Vortex”.  It’s how I do business, and where I feel like I still exist.  It’s my means of expression, for whatever it’s worth.  I’m sure no one even noticed my absence, but I did.  Yet, I seem to have survived.  The experience was…instructive.  I had to recall how to use my time offline productively again.  I did some gardeny things, so that’s something.

Where do I begin?  Lots of things went unrecorded and unreported while I was away.  Nothing very significant, except to me, but it was like a time warp, a vacuum.  Purim and some other stuff came and went.  I haven’t figured out how to access my edited iPhotos on my new OS X Photos, so I guess pics will have to wait for another day.

Anyway, good to be back.



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