Dreams of Apocalypse

I come from the Cold War era, so I regularly had atomic disaster dreams growing up.  Many of us did. Just routine.   Later, I had demonic entities chasing me through ghostly forests, or wandered disoriented through complex labyrinthian landscapes.  For years I’ve had nightmares about ever more ghastly, horrible bathrooms!  (Don’t ask.) Just a normal night in the twilight zone that is my head.

But lately, my dreams are turning to more apocalyptic themes.  Everyone is being rounded up and detained like holocaust refugees, waiting for their doom, no possible way out, while I’m desperately running for my life, through cities and forests, just ahead of my pursuers.  Yes, I also grew up Jewish, comes with the territory.  But this is new and different.  It’s like scary current political/social trends are infiltrating my mind and taking fearful, apprehensive forms.  It’s happening more frequently, as I watch the news and anxiously observe the familiar signs.  It’s too much like the way it devolved in Nazi Germany.  People were complacent, fearful sheep, and let it happen under their noses.  They voted for it.  The world exploded into a nightmare reality.  There was no way out.  Finally the world belatedly caught on and fought back, but the damage was done.  Now here we are again.  We know the history, or else we are in serious denial.  Can humans possibly be this dense?  Do we ever evolve, or just keep wallowing in self-destructive ignorance?

It does worry me.  Hence the nightmares.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Or is it just me being my usual anxiety-ridden self?



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