Writer’s Blahck

Imagine, me with nothing to drone on about.  I even asked E for a topic, but she drew a blank.  Now I’m staring at my screen but nothing is magically appearing there.  I guess this is what actual writers go through all the time.  Good thing I’m not a writer.

Speaking of writers, it being the fourth anniversary of the Lebanese-American reporter Anthony Shadid’s death (my brother was his literary agent and good friend), I showed E his book, Night Draws Near.  She started reading it and quickly got absorbed by his story.  I guess that was my good deed of the day.  It’s sad that more literate people don’t take the time to educate themselves about the ancient struggles of Middle Eastern civilizations, not just get taken in by the hate-filled rhetoric of idiots.

Well, a marathon of birthday movies beckons to me, thanks to my generous son and daughter-I-L, so that’s my cue to beg off writing anything meaningful whatsoever.  I’m going to initiate E into the wonders of classics like The Princess Bride.  She’s like a blank slate.  Bwahaha.

Hmm..Scalzi’s blog is “Whatever”; has anyone taken the name “Whatsoever”?  How about “Nevermind”?  As in, “braahk, never mind”.  (Sorry, in-joke.)  I must look into that.  My mind works in weird ways.  When it works at all.




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