Rantings from Semi-Hiber Nation

It used to be simple being an animal or plant.  You’re born, you survive to procreate, and die, the end.  In winter, many go dormant or hibernate.  But it’s not so simple anymore, living in a human-dominated world.

A local Ohio herping (reptiles and amphibians, not an STD) group posted photos of salamanders, confused by climate change, coming out of dormancy to breed, then freezing to death.  My native wildflowers group has been posting spring bulbs and plants doing the same.  Nothing is as it was, thanks to us humans.

Meanwhile, our stupid, self-centered politicians go on ignoring science and plotting more destruction of the earth we all depend on.  They don’t care, they’ll be dead soon, thank goodness, but their short-sighted legacy will live on, fueled by blind followers.  Our grandchildren will have us to thank for sabotaging their future.

It’s hard to stay positive and hopeful, witnessing this Darwinian stupidity.  No matter how sustainably and responsibly we live, we are always outnumbered by stupid people.  It seems like the reverse of survival of the fittest.  I don’t get it.  They need to all just kill themselves stupidly, so smart people can restore the balance and pay it forward.

Just an erev rant.  Trying to stay positive.  Spring is coming.  🙂

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