Spring in Winter

It was—WTF—60 degrees out in the dead of winter, so we walked through Glen Helen (home of the famous yellow springs) where all the waterfall stalactites were melting.  Lots of friendly nature-lovers were out walking.

I must have been having a case of unspring fever, because somehow I had forgotten my phone camera!?  Sacrilege!!    So no photos 🙁 to prove we not only hiked, but strolled through Yellow Springs (after eating), stopping at our favorite shops, including House of Ravenwood, where we bought some mystical stones and stuff, and stocked up on good hippie vibes.  We drank decent fair trade coffee at the Emporium, while I looked at all the used books.  The usual crowd of aging Antioch profs were sitting around discussing current events (one old guy even had a Bernie t-shirt on).  Some kids were folk-jamming in the corner.

People were all out enjoying the oddly warm weather, and vendors had set up their handmade jewelry stands.  Convertibles had their tops down.  I was shedding layers like a molting polar bear.  Folks were basking in the rays.

If this is the new winter, I wonder what summer will be like.  My birthday used to feature the blizzard of the century, like clockwork, but not in recent years.  Maybe it will be the new spring!  That would be great (but not a good sign).

Here’s a random picture.

march 1

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