Due to neglected ancient infrastructure here in Ohio, our water was turned off, and a whole committee of men are out in the frigid cold trying once again to patch it together for now.  They were going to just leave us waterless overnight, but then must have had second thoughts and felt sorry for us.

I think of the unfortunate folks in Flint, Michigan and lots of other poor areas in the middle of this country who get overlooked and have it much worse.  This is what happens when conservatives and their rich corporate overlords run things for their own profit, unregulated or overseen.  We have a ‘choice’ of tainted, contaminated water, or no water at all, yet still have to pay for it.  It’s scary when some Repub presidential candidates didn’t even have Flint on their radar, even after it was declared a state of emergency, and Dems were condemning such delinquent behavior.  This is the ‘morality’ we can expect if these religious deadbeats are elected.

I think our water is restored for now, until the next ancient pipe bursts, and they start all over again.  We are the fortunate ones.  It’s always good to be reminded not to take anything basic for granted in our ‘developed’ nation.




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