Aquarian from Saturn

This post is as close as I come to a ‘selfie’.  what can you do, I’m an Aquarian from Saturn.

Sometimes (I confess) I read other people’s astrology just for fun, and I find there are insights to be had.  It helps me make sense of others.  So just to be different, I looked at mine, since that time of year is approaching.  I find most of it to be very accurate.

I don’t feel comfortable just conforming and settling for the way things are.

I’m always thinking and trying to envision better solutions.

I’m never satisfied or comfortable with the humdrum status quo.

I despise anything superficial or banal or mundane.

I dislike sentimentality or melodrama.

I resent being controlled or dictated to, because most of my misspent life was like that.

In many ways I never stopped growing or became petrified like my peers, and totally relate to changing ways and tastes of younger generations.  Music is never static, and neither is anything else.

I never want to just stop thinking and give in or give up.

I crave intellectual stimulation and challenge, and get bored easily with less.

I’m very fascinated by all social issues, and anyone who advocates for and promotes civil/human rights.

I especially feel drawn to those who are marginalized or persecuted.

I never feel like I know enough or create enough.

I have little patience for people who are mentally lazy, tedious, or don’t want to improve themselves.

I’ll never feel resolved until I find whatever it is I should be doing to make this world better, not just exist and die.

I do tend to stand back and analyze and assess people before jumping in, but at the same time, I welcome human interaction and dialogue, as long as it’s intelligent and constructive.

I highly admire those who think for themselves, have a vision and pursue it, promote justice and compassion, never stop growing, and refuse to become mindless sheep.  I wish I could be like that.

However, I must insist: my planet is Saturn.  It will never be Uranus, nor anyone else’s!     😛






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