Little Big Things

The view outside was—White!  More snow on top of snow.  We’re totally ok with being snowed in.  Nothing out there to force us out.  The only pressing obligation this week is E’s official name change court hearing on Thursday, a long-awaited event worth braving the weather for.  Then all the related name-change business (SS, etc.), a tedious but necessary process, and then a modest celebration, if all goes well.

I heard shoveling and glanced outside.  Just like last year, a couple of neighbors, a black guy and white guy, were clearing our whole driveway and sidewalk, and others’ as well, without having been asked, and without stopping to request payment.  Once was just a weird fluke, but twice is no coincidence.  Apparently they are just being decent neighbors, go figure.  We debated offering them what little we could spare, worried they would take that as a signal to keep coming back for more, but then we went ahead and did so, with thanks.  You have to admire their entrepreneurial spirit!

It’s one of those little insignificant things that are big things, especially being two older women living together,  isolated, in a poor working neighborhood, where half the houses are empty, in a conservative-leaning area.  No way we were going out there to shovel in the freezing cold, while still recovering from the nasty bug.  Just a small, decent gesture, every year, by folks we don’t really know.  When you’re just struggling to live, you appreciate stuff like that.

The view from our apartment:

Picture0112161215_3 Picture0112161215_2Picture0112161215_1


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