NyQuil Daze

This generic NyQuil is dangerously effective.  Do not take without supervision, and do not attempt to do anything like remaining vertical or conscious.  Have a bed or surface handy to collapse upon.  This stuff is killer.  One drop of it would do the trick; one full dose is instantaneously incapacitating.  I would not recommend it as a habit, but for the occasional desperation of extreme cold/flu misery, go for it.

(It took me all night and morning to wake up enough to write this.  Well, and some of my sous-chef’s excellent soup experimenting.  My evil scheme to be a lazy-ass and do nothing myself is working!)

It feels like I haven’t been out of this apartment in a week or something.  Being ‘retired’ has its benefits.  When I think of the years I spent working outdoors all winter while sick, just to keep a low-rent roof over my head, this does not suck.  But if I were on my own, which is what I had to look forward to, like so many of my counterparts, and only had my tiny SS retirement income, I’d be screwed.  Here, we share the low rent and expenses, and can’t complain.

Well, that’s all I can squeeze out of my drug-addled brain right now.




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