erev one year anniversary of leaving the VOE

a year ago tomorrow i left my exile in NJ (Vortex Of Evil) to head for OH via PA.  in honor of that anniversary, here are flowers, herbs and homemade from scratch pumpkin bread.

and lest we thought nothing else could possibly go wrong, more bad news arrived.  E is to the point of f—it, they already got her soul, what’s left to give up?  certainly not thousands of dollars we don’t have which the insurance promised to pay.  and her good credit is now shot to hell, thanks to stupid people, so there’s not much farther down to go.  (famous last words.)

anyway, happy erev.  😉

Picture1016151606_1 Picture1016151346_5 Picture1016151346_4 Picture1016151346_3 Picture1016151346_2


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