so, i have finally been ushered into the wacky world of video chatting.  my brother and i were texting on fb, and he said, let’s see if we can do a video chat, and next thing i knew, there we were on the screen!  and his cat micio (my nephew)!  very disconcerting.

there i was, meowing at my computer screen!  and micio hissing back!  mind-boggling.  it’s like we’re in the same room, just hanging out.  so of course we had to go get drinks and toast to it!  technology!  (well, not micio, he just went back to sleep, as usual not impressed.)

to think, i’ve finally entered the 21st c.  this was fantasy territory for so many centuries, and now it’s routine.  but a major historical event for me.  so i’m recording this moment for posterity.

on the downside, it’s creepy to think some weirdo freak out there could be watching me through my computer!  just like in the movies.  (with ‘tainted love’ in the background.)  only i’m pretty sure i’d scare anyone away!

well that’s my latest trick.  jabberwacky!

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