‘always look on the bright side of life…’ monty python

i was all ready to default to my usual ‘why me’ gloom and doom setting, when i remembered i’m trying to keep it positive.  it’s so unnatural!  i’ll die and all few of my followers will breathe a sigh of relief.  whew! now we won’t have to kill ourselves!  though i doubt i have that much influence over anyone.

so, positive.  how about this?


this is my clever mascot, closet skeleton!  just hanging in the lovely ‘cask of amontillado room’.


and this:

here is a cute cartoon character i was watching with my gson when he was younger.


but wait, there’s more!

look, a festive and cheery birthday decoration i made!



somehow i suspect i’m not getting quite the positive effect i was going for.  i suppose you want cute kittens and heartwarming domestic scenes.  ok, ok, you win…


(oops, how’d he get in there?  but he looks cheery enough, wouldn’t you say?)


there now.  feeling better?  see, i can be positive when i try.


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