my latest trip

so now that all that updating is out of the way, this happened: i finally did get to visit my family in PA.  still didn’t make it as far as MD, but that’s for another time.  there was yet another family member to meet in person, and a lot of good catching up to do.

lest i lose anyone at heartwarming grandkid stories, i’ll just say that for a FT caregiver who never gets out, this is not a routine that one takes for granted.  it’s a big deal.  and whenever you get the chance, you pack in as much q-time as you can, because the opportunities are few and far between.  so that is what i did.



memorable highlights: i got to spend actual time with my hardworking son, albeit mostly to do computer tech things, which is how i’m able to be posting on my own site here, among other feats.  and i got to take some side trips with my oldest granddaughter, which is always fun and full of music!  she’s an excellent driver, and i’m very proud of her.  also, my oldest grandson plays the didge, which is very cool.  and he got me more familiar with the sophisticated gaming he’s into right now.

now if all that isn’t positive enough, i don’t know what is.

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