cheers alert

i decided just to be different, to do an experiment. instead of all the depressing aspects of the VOE, i will attempt to list some positive ones. gasp. don’t get used to this, it’s not some epiphany i woke up to, it is only a test. if nothing else, it’s probably good for my health. here, in no particular order, are ten:

1. i don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and go labor out in the pouring rain, extreme temps, etc. just to be able to afford to survive to do it again.

2. i have a roof, a room, more than basic necessities, and provisions. i.e. beer and booze, the essentials. food and water are a bonus.

3. it’s quiet and clean and not chaotic.

4. i’m still relatively healthy enough to do this job, and hopefully future jobs (NOT involving caregiving), possibly even my old job, if i’m desperate.

5. the surroundings are gardeny and parklike, with lots of wildlife. some of my few plants are still alive.

6. my bills remain minimal for the time being. and i’m not the sibling that has to navigate the complicated financial and legal bureaucracy of this job.

7. my ‘client’ is not yet at the totally nonfunctional stage requiring expensive 24/7 medical and personal assistance.

8. i can hypothetically make my own schedule and do whatever, in between caregiving responsibilities. i read a lot.

9. i still have remote contact with family and friends, who are still speaking to me.

10. last but really first, my son is alive and relatively well out there in the world. as long as that is the case, i’m essentially ok. the rest is just accessories.

there you have it. that takes a lot out of one, so don’t hold your breath for a sequel. the next installment will undoubtedly return to the solid comfortable ground of apathy and despair. just to reassure those who think i’ve really flipped, finally gone demented all the way.

that was so mentally exhausting, i need to go drink my brunch of champions. cheers! (just to stay with the cheery theme.)

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