daydream of the day

i know if i set out to write something every day, just to hone my so-called writing skills, it will never happen, so i won’t resolve to do it.  but you never know, stranger things have happened…

today’s daydream is….(brought to you by the grateful dead):

[DISCLAIMER ALERT!  (you knew that would be in here.)   let me preface by reassuring anyone happening to read this that it is ONLY a daydream, not a threat!  it has no real probability of actually happening, even if the intended parties were partial to the idea.  of course there is always the slim chance that it may go to the proposal stage one day.  so just humor me, and DON’T PANIC IN BIG FRIENDLY LETTERS!]

having said that….somehow i scrounge up enough money to contribute the down payment for that proverbial piece of land out in the mountains of nowhere.  in exchange, i get a small corner of it to live on out at the edges of it.  (they can eventually pay me back, if they insist, in goods and services such as produce and tech support!  no strings attached.)  i’ll be close enough to offer child-care or other services, and far away enough not to get on their nerves.  i’d probably need to get an actual job, to keep from being a parasite.  or i can work in the garden or maintain the animals.  but those are just the mundane details.  here’s the real crux of the matter:

my home is a music and arts venue, open to anyone, anytime, to just hang out and jam into the night, or get away to do art or think.  (repeat:  i’m at the far side of the property, including far from annoyed neighbors.)  i am the old hippie patron of alternative arts!  oh yeah, there WILL be a big porch to jam on.  there are impromptu live jams whenever people with instruments get together, from bluegrass to drum circles to trance to you-name-it.  it’s open house (and open bar, needless to say) much of the time.  kid-friendly.  there’s a tree-house.  you can camp out if inebriated.  (maybe not up in the tree-house!)  of course there will be cats.  and not much else, just space to think/meditate and do music and get away.  oh, and speaking of space, for an educational science project, we can build an airship.  launch it from the mountain.  a certain mechanically-inclined grandson could supervise.  with me so far?

good, because i haven’t thought this through beyond this point, so feel free to fill in the details yourself.  it’s just a daydream in progress.  one can dream, right?

hey, it’s better than wallowing in existential despair ALL the time.  

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