welcome to my blog. warning: i will be whining and ranting and venting on it. mainly it’s a forum for me to talk to myself, and anyone else out there who happens by. if you don’t, that’s fine; i’ll still be here, ranting to myself.

FB is fine if you like trading inanities about bodily functions and family vacations and wild mood swings or whatever. not your basic existential angst and quiet desperation. not the howling chaos of the universe and the human system that compounds the chaos. not relentless disintegration and mortality. none of that fun stuff! no, just LOL ad nauseum. (although, when you think about it, maybe it’s just shorthand for the same thing. like existential twitter.) so this is my own personal place to indulge my cynicism. if you’d like to join me, the more the merrier (sts). i am curious about other people and what they seriously think or go through. when i’m not being contemptuous and baffled. if you have some comic relief to add, all the better. we need it!

well, i’ve never done this before, so i’m sure i’m already breaking all the cyberules of etiquette. whatever, as scalzi, one of my favorite authors and bloggers, would say. another admired writer, in case my title didn’t give it away, is neal stephenson. who must share some of the title credit with my son, who is my major source of inspiration and ideas to consider. in fact, it’s because of him that i got on posterous. but i have to give all credit where it’s due: the impulse to find an outlet for articulation (i.e. somewhat literate spewing), with or without readership, is all mine, for better or for worse. just me here, preaching to the choir of one. if i’m full of crap, it’s my crap, so there.

feel free to disregard all the above. comment, if you have something to say. i promise to read it.

just call me L42. it’s my number.

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