Back to the Outback

Yesterday was back to “normal” day.  I drove over and got to work planting more seeds in the propagator, watering the garden, doing yard work, etc.  S glommed on to me and followed me around like a nonstop chatter machine.  The other kids eventually woke up and did their thing.  E baked, and their friend S came over.  Avdi ran errands, turned leaves into mulch, and accomplished things on his checklist.  Eventually we all wound down and had our always lively Sunday family charcuterie meeting.  Then I drove home.

I’ve been reminded multiple times that my days of borrowing the car are numbered, as one of Jess’s kids will be using it.  I never take such things for granted anymore, and appreciate the chance when I get it.  No matter how we crunch the numbers, I can’t afford a car/expenses.  It’s just the reality of being a low-income person.  So I’m enjoying the mobility while I still can.

I should also reiterate that this Blahg is mostly a journal or log of my average day to day experiences, thus its mind-numbingly humdrum recurring themes.  My life is never boring to me, but I make no claims of gripping, compelling entertainment.  In fact, it’s more like a reminder that in this 21st century world of genocides, injustice, brutality, fascism, climate change, you name it, here and there it’s still possible to create a small sanctuary or refuge for marginalized humans in your own backyard, literally.  It may be the only way humankind survives on this dying Earth.


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