Perio World

Where’ve I been for a week, you may or may not ask?  For starters, I finally made it to the Perio planet and back.  As I write this, the whole right side of my face looks like Fight Club, but that stays in FC. I even have a “black” eye, for some reason.  I’ve been jackhammered, power drilled, ratcheted, and sewn back up.  I now am the proud owner of three screws drilled into my bone, to be later crowned with a permanent bridge.  It really is like road construction, on a micro-level.  To look at my swollen, bruised façade, you’d never guess I’m ecstatic, but I am.  I’ll die with teeth, if it kills me!  (Financially or otherwise.)

I also spent two days at Avdi’s, helping with S, and doing erev Shabbat.  S has been attending half days at school for now.  Avdi as usual is overwhelmed and barely hanging on, with no time to rest.  The kids and I continue to get closer, as they trust me more.  These are challenging times, but I’m grateful I get to live through them.  I get to witness and be part of each kid becoming more aware of the social, racial, and humanitarian realities in our past and present country and world.  Sad as it is, it’s quite a thing to see the moments their eyes and minds open on another level of realization and empathy.

In climate news, we’re heading into a severe winter deep freeze, with temps below zero or in single digits plus wind chills.  Fortunately I can go semi-dormant indoors for a rare doctor-less week.  The bad news is, my heat assistance chose the coldest time of the year to disqualify me–once again the great stupid state of MO at work–so now I have to keep my heat and electric use even lower.  But whatever.

Not much else to say…back to hibernation and nursing my injuries.





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