Some Unsolicited Kibitzing

Notice I have intentionally not weighed in on the current Mideast escalation.  Lots of people are doing it already.  If you’re curious, see my son’s posts on the subject–I basically agree, and not because he’s my son.  He just nails it better than I ever could.  Also we’re very Jewish, so calling us “antisemitic” isn’t even logical.  BTW, semitic refers to Palestinians as well, read your history.  Anyway, here goes…

Two evil fascist tyrant governments have been going at it for almost a century, trying to bomb each other into oblivion, while innocent (or complicit, whatever) civilians on both sides are annihilated.  As the military tech and terrorism at the top increase, so do the atrocities and devastation.  It’s a vicious loop–eye for an eye–it never ends.  People on both sides are the casualties of endless war.  There is no easy fix for such a complex situation, or it would have happened decades ago.  This is just the inevitable spiraling out of control.

If you are Jewish or Muslim, watching from the safety of here with outrage and grief as your people get brutalized, it’s natural and human to support continuing vengeance upon the other side.  But in a way, it just helps fan the flames of irrational hate and separatism that incites more segregation and persecution.  Sounds a lot like apartheid to me.  (I didn’t say that.)

That’s all I have right now; just thought I’d throw my subtle two cents in there for the record.  I’m officially sick today, trying to feel well enough to go get my PET scan tomorrow.  Even if I could reschedule, I’m getting laryngitis and can’t talk!  I obviously can’t get to yet another doctor or more drugs easily.  So I’m hoping homemade Jewish penicillin (just to stay on topic) does the trick.  (I’m sure there’s a perfectly effective Palestinian version, that is, if they were able to access groceries.)  (Subtle.)


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