Official Hoodie Season

No gradual fade from summer to fall here!  One day it’s in the 90s, the next it’s cold.  Days barely making it to 70, and 40s at night.  I put my hoodie on for the season, so it’s official.  I think.  You never know, here.  I caught a break from the night sweats, but not the monster nightmares.  It’s Halloween all year, in my brain.  A Lovecraft Fest.

I feel a little under the weather, after the last session with S, which is unavoidable.  It comes with being a Nomi.  I just need to stay well enough to go to the next specialist appointment to find out how I die in the end!  Still, I need to walk to the pharmacy to get more DRUGS!  If my leg holds out.  I need the exercise, because of my leg handicap.  Catch-22.  My life in a nutshell.

Here is my apartment yesterday afternoon, as the sun sinks sooner and a cool breeze chases out the stagnant funk.



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