Death or Teeth

Good news: Avdi probably doesn’t have the plague, and is all vaxxed up to the gills.  Bad news: it made him feel like death warmed over, and he could still have it.  For now I have to wait at home and see.  I’ve been using the time to take care of various items of business, so it’s not a total waste.  I wish I could get back to walking somewhere meaningful as my only real source of exercise.

Turns out I’ve run out of dental coverage for the year just on preventive, comprehensive general dental procedures.  This means I probably can’t start my implant process until 2024.  Now it’s just a race to see which comes first, death or teeth!  Seriously, why does basic healthcare have to come at such a price?  I’ll literally have to weigh which medical necessities I can afford, or afford to neglect.

And still my worries are small compared to Avdi’s.  He has to manage and pay for all the complex medical needs of his whole family, on top of all the other huge expenses and work it takes to cover them.  He can’t take a day off (or an hour) to recover or recharge, or in other ways take care of himself.  His demanding kids see to that.  And I’m not much help right now, which makes me feel purposeless.  Still, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.





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