Almost One Year

It was another nice day out, so I walked over, did some chores, and got back to work on the garden.  I planted eight rows of fall/winter greens: cilantro, lettuces, kale, spinach, chard, pak choi, and carrots.  Avdi worked out on the patio.

Later we walked to S’s school with Joyce to pick up kids, and walked back.  I finally got to meet J’s friendly pit/lab mix, Petey.

The kids did HW, A and E went to the library and picked up K from a school club, and I played with S and made dinner.  Y was actually friendly to me today.  I started home on foot, but Joyce was just leaving and gave me a ride home.

It’s been different, not having to be there for the kids all day, just being there to help out while A has peace and quiet to get work done.  Issues still come up, but not continuously.  School is hard for the kids, but they seem to be hanging on.  I get to spend more nights at my apartment, where I can unwind and sleep better, which helps me rest up for each day at A’s.

It’s coming up on my one-year anniversary of moving to MO.  A lot has happened in one year.  It’s not a state I would have considered living in; politically speaking it can be a horror.  But I would not take back a minute of finally getting to catch up with my son and gkids, and their chosen family, wherever they live.


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