Steaming Jungle Sauna (Still Beats Florida)

Another overnight, and another first–yesterday I drove Y over to my apartment (in J’s borrowed car) and we got to hang out.  It was a new experience for both of us, a little awkward at first, but then true to character, Y began a hilarious role play story involving giving birth to my skeletons (“The Skullies”), while I videoed and commented in the background.

The visit was part of an effort by Avdi and me to get S to back off a little from glomming on to me so intensely and monopolizing me all day.  It was getting to the point where S was shadowing my every move, he was getting so attached and dependent.  He needs a lot of attention, with his dev. disabilities, but he’s slowly learning to control and manage his extreme behaviors and emotions.

Meanwhile, E continues to create wonderful confectionary in the kitchen.  They seem to be quite gifted at it.  I suspect it’s also a kind of therapy.  They also like to harvest veggies and experiment with cooking for Avdi.  We all benefit from encouraging them!

An off-topic aside–the other day we were all watching a Spiderman movie with the character Miles Morales as the new Spiderman.  I commented that racists must have gotten all bent out of shape when it came out, as they did with The Little Mermaid.  The kids were like “why”?  When kids are raised without racism, it never occurs to them to think in those terms.

It’s been like a steaming sauna here lately, almost too unbearable to go outside for long.  Who needs Florida?!  But it’s great for flowers and veggies.  It’s like a jungle out there.  Here’s what’s cooking:



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