Smelting Days

The extreme humid heat continues, interspersed with severe t-storms.  People here seem not to be bothered by it, but it wears you down.  Between that and the frequent kid meltdowns, it brings to mind some smelting furnace metaphor, where you’re reduced to your elements.  I can’t talk, because occasionally I get to go home and take a time out to recover.  I feel a little guilty about that; Avdi doesn’t get that luxury much.

In spite of all that, I feel like S and the others are making some progress working through their various disabilities, with help and guidance.  I can’t describe the tiny incremental breakthroughs, but they’re there.  Children with neural disabilities have to work extra hard to make the connections and modify their behavior accordingly.  When you’re around them for a while, you can almost see the bewilderment and turmoil shifting to self-awareness.  It takes a lot of patience and consistency.

Here are a few erev shots I grabbed on the fly.  The one of S playing lifeguard to Avdi, who had collapsed in exhaustion in the pool after a long day, says it all.  We also have the latest pretty confection by E, Frankfurt the Rabbit mowing the lawn, and the moment I’ve come to live for, drink o’clock (in this case a lovely lavender shade of G&T).

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