The Menagerie

My new life leaves little time for posting, which is a good thing.  Fortunately, the timing worked out so that I’ve been able to gradually reacquaint myself with each kid in turn, not get thrown into the deep end of the vortex at once.  I have been assimilated into the Borg (or should I say Ninja) that is S (the youngest).  We seem to have a good connection.  Being somewhat on the spectrum myself helps, I think.  What an interesting kid and experience.

Next, E (next to oldest of the four) will probably return early from summer camp, where they had a meltdown but then adjusted to some degree.  That will give me a chance to re-bond with them for a week, before Y joins us again, and repeat.  Meanwhile K (the oldest) has understandably retreated to his gaming lair to avoid the whole annoying process of dealing with sibs.  I can kind of see his point!

Here are a bunch of photos.  The dog is Jean, a neighborhood bull mix, my favorite teddy bear in the world.  He just plops down in the driveway to exchange affection.  His girl has to drag him away by his harness!  The rabbit, a fixture in the yard, is named Frankfurt I believe.  He’s more of a lawn ornament.  The chipmunk (don’t know his name) is also a permanent resident.  The other night, raccoons raided the trash and dined on old challah.  They just sat there while Avdi took a picture.  It’s a menagerie out there.



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