Never Monotonous

The weather here is never monotonous or predictable.  One day it’s an oppressive sauna, the next it’s cool and rainy.  Avdi’s yard was like a sponge this morning, and his “lagoon” was almost a rushing stream.  There has to be a Creature in there!  The “zen trail” [rhymes with “entrail”] was almost completely overgrown like a jungle.  My kind of weather.  And of course the whole garden was teeming with new growth.  The peas are finally pea-ing!  Some things are worth waiting for.

Avdi took me grocery shopping and was kind enough to help me out.  I’m STL-official; I have Provel.  No good deed goes unpunished, however, as now his washing machine broke and needs to be replaced.  Because he doesn’t have enough to worry about.  Always something.

Back at my apartment, I started more herbs in the hydro-cube to take the place of the herbs I potted yesterday.  Now I’ve replaced all the herbs I use which I transplanted to Avdi’s and Jess’s.  The AC is off and rain-cooled air is blowing in.  Nobody else here to complain about it!  Sometimes being by yourself can be a good thing.


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