The Beer and Badminton Season Begins

The STL thundergods must have had mercy on us, because we were able to hold the first B&B of the season in between storms.  I walked over and helped Avdi set up.  A small group of familiar friends gathered on the patio with drinks and snacks, surrounded by “the ring of fire” (tiki torches) much of the afternoon.  Right before the floodgates opened back up, a few folks even played some badminton!  I can assure you it wasn’t me!  I was busy presiding over the beer, socializing, and trying not to melt.  It was a very pleasant Mother’s Day with my extended chosen family.

I got home just in time for another big t-storm, with the usual flash flood warnings.  It was a river outside my patio window.  Of course my internet had to go down as well (though not an outage this time), which always makes me crazy.  But this time with the help of a friendly Spectrum tech girl, I figured out how to reboot my modem and router, and now know how to next time.  There will be a next time, I’ve come to find out in my short time here.  But I will not be defeated by the STL thundergods.



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