Shaw Nature Reserve

Avdi and I drove a fair distance west to the 2400 acre Shaw Nature Reserve, an extension of MoBot.  It has many trails, large ponds full of wildlife, huge old pines, cedars, and bald cypresses with their remarkable “knees”, prairie/wetland areas, a beautiful old brick serpentine wall, and meadows full of native bee balm and columbine.  It was really hot out, though Avdi’s used to it by now, but quiet and pleasant.  We left the park just in time for a big t-storm to blow in and out.  Just a typical MO day.

I was exhausted, in a good way, nothing that a shower and a tall icy drink back at my apartment couldn’t fix.  I’m still trying to get a feel for MO and STL, so I’m grateful for Avdi showing me around and introducing me to some of the pleasanter aspects of my adoptive home.  Between the mowing and the hiking, I’m definitely getting my exercise.  Whether or not it storms on Beer and Badminton tomorrow as predicted, I won’t mind just “guarding” the beer while other crazy people do all the sweating.  I am The Mother Unit.



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