Two Weeks’ Worth of Catch-up

Update to the update–K’s wrist appears to be OK, not broken or damaged.  That was a relief.  Avdi and Jess got back not long after the incident, so that worked out.  Jess went home, and Avdi and I had a chance to sit in the garden with drinks and catch up.

There was a lot of catching up to do!  Their presentation went well, and they got to unwind and relax in Philly and in Columbus.  As hoped, he was duly pleased with the garden and work I did.

Then we had Shabbat dinner together.  K got to have his challah, finally!  He approved.  My Asian coconut lime chicken with jasmine rice and a veg stir-fry were also appreciated.  Later, A and I actually watched two Expanse episodes, to make up for all the lost time!

Avdi offered to drive me “home”.  Um, remember my trepidation going into this two-week stay?  Well, I have been assimilated.  Resistance is Futile.  I opted to stay over another night (!), which was fine by A.  And another, tomorrow night, when A will be out.  What apartment?

I mean, someone has to maintain the garden at this crucial point, and Avdi will have his work to focus on.  Most of the apt. plants are now here.  Obviously I can’t live here, with the kids coming soon, which is fine.  But I feel more comfortable with my role and responsibilities, which will only increase.

I actually slept through the whole night, which is unusual.

I got up early as usual and gave the garden a spritz, before the predicted strong thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.  It didn’t rain at all the whole two weeks, and it was in the 80s.  The forecast seems to have removed the dreaded possible T-word (you know the one); let’s hope it stays that way.

When I was done, Avdi and I had coffee on the patio and I showed him some of my latest garden discoveries.  I even caught a picture of the gigantic rabbit.  Guess who got some leftover radishes?



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