Status Update

First official full day alone here.  I finally got some sleep, and even managed to sleep in.  No ghosts bothered me.  Still don’t feel quite right, but it’s amazing what you can get used to.

I’m still not my mother, who is seriously dying as far as I know.  The other shoe is temporarily suspended, which is fine.

Update–she’s stabilized in the hospital for now, able to eat (gruel or something), while my brother Andrew wrangles with the insurance company to get coverage and treatment for his broken ankle, and looks into hospice.  Robert as usual is doing all he can from a distance to manage the situation, and keep me informed.  And I’m just sitting here nervously, trying not to turn into green jello!

If nothing else, this antibiotic makes a great diet pill!  I had to force myself to eat some bread just to take my dose this morning, and try to keep it down.  I attempted to slice a semi-frozen bagel just now, and ended up slashing myself instead, so maybe it’s trying to tell me something.

I’m observing Shabbat as much as my OCD need to clean allows me!  I watched some of CRC services on streaming.    Here’s R. Daniel and his teak Torah scroll.  I may even attempt Havdalah this evening.  Mostly I’m getting actual rest, see if I can kick this malaise once and for all.

Here is the star of the show, Percy The Person in his lair; can you see his beady eye?  I gave him the best salad ever, freshly harvested (and washed) from the lab!  He eats better than I, since I’m not eating much.  He says “whee”.

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