Terraforming WG, One Tiny Dome at a Time

This morning on my laps I encountered an actual tenant (the one across from me), and we exchanged greetings.  That’s about the extent of socialization I experience here.  I don’t believe the apartments will hold a block party anytime ever.  Anyway, laps done.

Later I’ll be over Avdi’s spending the night, getting human contact, puttering around the prop lab and garden, and probably eating something wholesome.  Then I’ll do the usual Shabbat production on Friday.

Another little herb (Thai basil) has popped its dome!  Now if my artificial ecosystem doesn’t experience cascade failure (another great Expanse ref and bot metaphor for human environmental destruction), we’ll be in herb and salad business in Webster Groves.  That came out wrong!  Culinary herb!

Update:  Today I learned how to make orange marmalade from scratch!  It tastes great on toasted homemade challah!



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