Pseudo Tagine and Screaming Firehawks

After spending Thursday night at Avdi’s, I got busy concocting my latest challenge by him, Moroccan-style chicken in the slow cooker (pseudo-tagine).  (It turned out to be a big hit.)

Then on to yet another perfect batch of challah.  What is it with STL and my newfound challah prowess?  Must be the atmosphere or vibes.

Although those same good vibes weren’t working for Avdi’s work day, unfortunately.  Once he tore himself away from his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day at work, we had a nice drink, Shabbat, and Expanse-viewing.

Down in the propagation station, the tomato and greens seedlings were all blasting off like screaming firehawks.  (Expanse ref.)  And outside, daffodils were starting to bloom, so I got to cut the first Shabbat flowers of the season.

Even better, the hellebores (lenten rose) are starting to bud out.

The crocuses I planted in fall are all coming up and should be blooming any time now.  And in my little borrowed  greenhouse annex, I have misc. assorted herbs and plants waiting for transplant, with more on the way over from propagatrix HQ.

Now I’m home, having watched CRC’s live-streaming Shabbat morning service, and thankful the hate group threats did not turn out to be an issue here as far as I know.

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