Habitrail at One Month

Yesterday’s big tornado scare is in the rearview but not out of mind.  I got so distracted, I forgot to mention that I completed my one month of incorporating habits on Tuesday the 21st (same day as Mardi Gras), but it had become so habitual that I forgot to celebrate.  I just kept on doing it!

So that tells you something.  It works.  Even if I skip a day, or modify a habit, it becomes more automatic during the week.  So I may or may not continue to report my progress daily, but it’s a part of my routine nevertheless.  I’ll add on new healthy habits as they occur to me.  Any ideas are welcome!

So just to kick off month #2, I did my minimal 5 laps (maybe more later), made a “fish fry” with potatoes and zucchini, will socialize overnight at Avdi’s, added yet more books to my reading pile, have obviously been writing at least once a day, and meditation isn’t really happening for me.  Or it is through gardening and nature, and I don’t even know it.  Some nature, such as tornado threats, isn’t very conducive.

The one habit I’d really like to add seems impossible for me right now, and that’s some form of regular social justice activism or volunteer work.  Maybe once I get more familiar and comfortable with public transit, or meet fellow volunteers to carpool with, it can happen.

For now my (hopefully) helping Avdi out will have to suffice.  And once the kid mob arrives, I suspect my hands will be full with herding and refereeing.  Plus gardening.  Does it count if I free up Avdi so at least he can get to do some meaningful activism?  Sort of like vicarious community service.





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