Pub MetaTalk

Today it was like spring out, and Avdi and I went to lunch at a local Irish/Welsh pub, Llywelyn’s.  There was a lot of catching up to do.  Mostly we had a good talk about current and future family events, over local craft beers and good food.

It seems “end of the month” turned into practically overnight for J&C, who just packed up their car and up and left for PA, just like that, with an offhand remark to Avdi, who is still digesting it himself.  So that was quite a news flash for both of us.  It means he (and I) will be moving up our forthcoming strategy for my household role sooner.

So we had a general discussion about future planning, scheduling, and management of the household before and after the kids arrive.  It’s a complex situation, so many moving parts, but it was a very productive and reassuring conversation, a prelude to working out the logistics of many aspects of our lives going forward.  I feel a lot more positive and encouraged about transitioning into taking more of an active role with my family, but with reasonable boundaries.

In many ways we’re on a similar page, and what I don’t know yet, I’ll take my cues from Avdi as we go along.  We’ll have weekly family meetings, divide jobs and schedules appropriately, and I’ll have respite times set aside.  Best of all, we hope to turn erev Shabbat into a real family thing, with me getting to make challah and cook traditional Shabbat dinner, and have the option of sleeping over to give Avdi a break.  My other jobs will be clearcut and what I’m able to handle.  It will give me more of a sense of purpose and fulfillment.  And a side benefit of plenty of outdoor/indoor exercise.



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