Puzzles and Labyrinths

Remember the Jigsaw Puzzle From Hell?  Eventually Jess’s family pieced it together, how I don’t know.  There’s only one solution to that kind of puzzle; the challenge is enduring the tedium to accomplish the preordained, inevitable result.

Here, on the other hand, is a living, breathing labyrinth.  There may be only one or possibly two correct routes to the exit, but so many intriguing false turns, convolutions, and choices on the way.  Do you sense a metaphor coming on?

You can look at your life like an inert, two-dimensional jigsaw puzzle–a one way, tedious, predestined, plodding existence to the end, with nothing original or creative to show for it.

Or you can look at it like a living, breathing, three-dimensional maze with many possible options, some dead ends, some promising paths, but either way lots of adventures and choices on the way.


I’ve experienced both approaches, and find myself caught between the two sometimes.  It’s easy to fall into a tedious rut, with no options or hope, and resign yourself to the inevitable.  Or, you can take a chance on unknown paths, risk time-consuming false turns and dead ends, but enjoy a sense of accomplishment and even have some fun along the way.

I know, one of my typical non-original analogies, but I had the perfect illustrations, so might as well come up with long-winded pseudo-philosophical captions for them, eh?

And now, some more MOBOT Glow photos, just to lighten up, heh.

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