…or Not to B&B

Today would have been the perfect B&B (Beer and Badminton) day.  The weather was gorgeous, and we all pitched in cleaning up the yard, K. mowing, Avdi trimming bushes, and me cultivating the veg garden a little.  I brought a cooler-full of ice from my insane spewing ice-maker, and we drank some beers.

Only, it was such a perfect fall day that everyone was tied up with other fall activities with their families, or away.  So we called it, and just spent a pleasant time talking around the patio table.  All the while, a very fat, tame chipmunk kept darting right past us, knowing we humans generally have food.  So I fed it some nuts, and it almost came up to me.  So adorable.

Speaking of weather, I was still feeling under it, so after getting some quick essential groceries with Avdi, I made an early afternoon of it and took the evening off.  Times like these, just hanging with The Family talking, and having my little apartment to retreat to, are what moving to STL is really all about.  All the rest is icing.

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