The Wandering Jew Comes In to Roost

I’ve been in STL for exactly one month!  I can’t even begin to list all the new people, experiences, and revelations I’ve had in one short month.  And I’m just getting started.  Maybe it was a good thing in disguise that I’ve been slowed down, first by the Mystery Vertigo, and now the Cold From Hell, or else I might overload on new stimuli!

It’s also coming up on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, a time for inner reflection and soul-searching.  I recently heard that the word for “sin” actually means “missing the mark”.  I sucked at archery, so that’s a fitting metaphor for my life up until now.  Some of my arrows may have even made it to space, where they’re still wandering around lost with all the space junk.  I’d be out there with them, if people who love me hadn’t straightened me out and taken my bow and quiver away.  Sometimes it’s just time.  Maybe a rake and hoe are more my speed.  And of course my sacred pruners.  And that’s your YK homily for today.

Haha, and you thought I was about to sermonize you to tears, psych!  I’ll leave that to the experts.  Here’s another–you thought the title referred to the tropical houseplant I brought inside today for the season.  Or does it?  What you don’t know is that camouflaged by all the Tradescantia (“WJ”) is a pineapple plant!  When I rooted the cuttings for the basket, I also whimsically stuck a pineapple top in there, and it took!  Probably some metaphor for a tough, spiny core hidden inside a fragile exterior–or just a tropical plant medley.  You decide.






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