The Firsts Just Keep on Coming

When do firsts start being seconds, i.e. I’m getting more acclimated to my new home?  Yet it’s all really firsts for me; everything seems new and optimistic for the first time in forever.  I actually look forward to waking up, without the usual storm surge of anxiety and existential despair!  I do not exaggerate!  Who knew an old fart like me could get a second chance?  I didn’t know if that was allowed.  So it’s firsts and seconds, all at once.

Here’s another first: taking my first photo on my new phone that my son had just set me up on (while having our drinks at my apartment).  The real point is I finally live within walking distance of my son and we take turns hanging out at each other’s homes.  (Not to mention my own personal tech support guy mwahaha!)  (He’s not amused.)

Ok, another first: I seem to be tentatively coming full circle back to my Jewish roots, thanks to my son doing same, at least on a cultural and social activism level.  I actually was able to sit through an entire livestream Shabbat service (granted much more lively and with a sense of humor than your average droning service).  And I got something meaningful out of it.  That’s on top of getting to be a part of a family Shabbat “tradition” again.  The fact that it’s casual and nonconventional makes it easier to reintegrate.

I’m also being exposed to new ideas and points of view, thanks to my son and friends, which I find intellectually and ethically challenging, something I crave.  I had almost shriveled up in resignation and just existing before I got here.  The exchange of viewpoints and new experiences (as well as books) is just as vital as water and food; it’s the difference between surviving and growing.  I have a lot of lost time to make up for.  You can teach an old fart new tricks.

I’ve been a little under the weather, but soon I’ll get back to the garden.


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