Dental and Period Dramas

I’m a couple of days behind in posts because of a dental semi-emergency, separate from the other major construction project in my mouth.  At this rate I will actually become the proverbial toothless hag living on gruel.  So annoying and embarrassing to be the genetic black sheep of a dental family.  Take care of your teeth, people, while you still can!

Wednesday evening we hung out at the Tavern, before our advance screening of Downton Abbey: a New Era at the Little Art Theatre.  I can’t give away any spoilers, but I highly recommend it, as long as you review the series and original movie first.  All I can say is if you’re sentimental, bring lots of tissues.  We’re always in good company at the quaint LAT, because the audience tends to be fellow insider fans who are familiar with the history and characters, and appreciate the subtle period humor and nuances, with the accompanying collective laughter, sighs, and rolling of eyes.

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