It was deceptively springlike, after a long bout of Ice Age, so we thought a hike would be pleasant.  HA!

Glen Helen was closed due to ice, so we tried John Bryan.  We crossed the beautiful rebuilt bridge, and all was going well, until we hit the iceskating rink!  The whole path was like a frozen stream, but starting to melt in the 60º temps, so doubly treacherous.  We made a brave effort to reach the second bridge, but could barely stay upright, so we had to turn around and slide all the way back!

Other brave souls were out there slipping around, too.  One young guy with a huge black sheep dog offered to help us and promptly almost slid down the bank into the river, dog and all!  It was kind of hilarious, but hair-raising, too.  Somehow we made it back in one piece.  It was a relief to reach solid ground again.  I did manage to take a few photos of wildlife trying to figure out which season this is.

We recovered our equilibrium at the Emporium in YS for lunch, where everyone was venturing out of their winter dens to enjoy the weather.  I was happy to go back into hibernation myself, and have a stiff drink.




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