Letting Nature Breathe

Early each morning at sunrise I walk around the garden and marvel at each new wave of brilliant flowering and growth.

As I loosen my hold on this creation, I begin to see it as someone else moving in might, if they have the patience and sense of discovery to wait and see what’s here.  At least that’s what I would do.  Even if they’re just lazy and unmotivated to mow it all down, that would work.

For now, I’m just taking it all in, and not a whole lot else.  To some, it might look like a crazy profusion, but to me it’s letting nature breathe, with minimal management.  This property was always going to be too much for us to transform, and watching development encroach and threaten to devour it, I can see the logic and timeliness of getting out now.

Still, I feel fortunate to have had a place to experiment and gain more botanical experience, even through failures.  Mostly, I learned that most things are beyond my ability to control, so just adapt to conditions and work with, not against, reality.  Or move on.


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