Miss Me? Back in Living Color

This site was down for days, thus my silence.  Thanks to my son, I’m back, not that anyone noticed; I barely missed myself!

Here is the predictable backlog of flower photos.

A lot has happened out there, including out in the “prairie”, especially with the much-needed rain (after-effects of the latest gulf storm).  Even asters are prematurely blooming all over.  The white (tinged with lavender) mountain mint is attracting its fascinating array of pollinators.  Light purple Bee balm (Monarda) is in full bloom in the sun perennials.  St. John’s Wort (Hypericum) has taken over the herb garden with masses of golden stars. The cutting garden out back (annuals, perennials, herbs, and even flowering veggies) is starting to bloom, particularly zinnias.  And the main veg bed is now officially a flower garden for the most part, from volunteer seeds.  Needless to say, bees, pollinators, and butterflies are happy.

One of these is not a flower.  Can you guess which one?

PS–Happy Summer!


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