Sorting It All Out

It’s been raining on and off for days, so in between drops I planted my new annuals, and some herb and veg seedlings, cleaning up the landscape as I go.

Mostly, I’m working indoors on sorting and moving stuff around so E can get at various repair projects.  I’m downsizing belongings in the process, a good feeling.  Can’t take it with you, even to Ohio.

Letting go is a tricky process, much simpler in your mind than in fact.  It’s easy to let yourself get attached to your ownership, your “territory”, future plans, a false sense of security.  In fact it’s a bitch constantly worrying about maintaining a house and property, and paying for it, only to have someone else inevitably take your place.  That aspect of it I won’t miss at all.  It was getting to be too much.  This is a good opportunity to let go of unnecessary stuff, travel lighter, and be more realistic.  I have to stop wondering if the new owners will tear out everything we accomplished.  Not our problem.  It’s just one of those existential challenges of being human in the developed world.


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